Of course, [title_three] just represents your immediate future. 

It's likely your encounter with [title_three] will manifest in the next day or so…

And yet... what happens after that? Then… after that?

And most importantly...

What about the long term path your love life is on, and where you’ll end up?

To answer these questions… we must go even deeper, and...

Unlock The Hidden Secrets Of Your Romantic Destiny!

[NAME], my greatest wish for you is that you create the soul-fulfilling love life you desire and deserve. 

And if there's one single thing I'd like you to take-away from our reading today, is about why you might be feeling the way you are about your romantic situation right now:

It's not your fault!

The reason why love may have been feeling like a battlefield is because you have not been aligned with your Romantic Destiny.

Back then, you simply didn't know better!

And, guess what? 

Today you get to take your power back.

In just a moment, I'm going to hand you the KEY to nearly solving ALL of your romantic problems, no matter how severe.

In fact, you'll quickly find yourself back on track with your Romantic Destiny once you have this key.

PLUS - I’ve drawn a special 4th card for you.  This card is not random - it’s your Romantic Destiny card, and it was given to you on the day you were born to represent your entire love life...

(IMPORTANT: If you just drew your Romantic Destiny Card, it means there's an important and time sensitive message waiting inside your reading today that you must decode A.S.A.P.!)

[NAME], it's clear that you’ve been through a lot...

And I want you to know that you did the right thing by coming to me for a reading today, because...

If you’ve been feeling unloved, discarded, betrayed, or found yourself settling for less than you deserve…

If you’ve been silently yearning for a real heart connection with someone who showers you with love and attention on a daily basis…

If it seems like you’ve given too much or put yourself too far out there in the name of love…

Or if you’ve nearly lost hope that you’ll ever be with someone who truly loves you, respects you, understands you...

And most importantly - desires you (and only you) day after day, year after year

Or... if you have any other negative feelings about your love life right now…

Then this is the most important reading you will ever receive!

[NAME], Here Is An Easy To Read Picture Book Of Your Romantic Destiny, Card By Card!

[NAME], I see that you were born on [bdaymonth] [bdayday], [bdayyear]and, if this is correct, I have something very important and time-sensitive to share with you. 

You see, after looking deeper into your cards, I've discovered… that… because of your particular birth date… there are things painted in your Romantic Destiny (that could happen as soon as a few days from now)... you absolutely must know about!

These things are so important for you to know that I would like, with your permission of course...

To do a very personal love reading for you that I rarely do for other people.

I will send you the reading in an easy-to-read online report, where you'll discover...

What You Must Know About Your Romantic Destiny If You Were Born On [bdaymonth] [bdayday], [bdayyear]!

In this reading, you’ll discover each aspect of your romantic destiny, detail by detail.  

If you’re like most people, you’ll feel each word deeply as you read and identify with these inner love characteristics you've never shared with anyone before… 

When you realize the reason for your failed relationships

And when you discover the precious (and secret) romantic gifts the Universe has in store for you. 

You’ll uncover your secret relationship talents that combine to make up you who are as a lover (and how to appreciate, love and take advantage of them.) 

You’ll discover your most desirable traits and how to maximize them… your problem areas and how to tackle them

Finally, manifest the true love you deserve by uncovering your soul’s deepest wishes, desires and plans for you… and… the simple secret to achieving them!

You’ll discover the missing link to having the romance you've been wishing for!

You’ll also discover:

Why you might not know about the MOST attractive trait you have! (Look at the section revealing Your Personality Card)

What kind of partner is best for you and how to effortlessly attract more love into your life! (Look at the section revealing Your Soul Urge Number)

What your erotic talents, strengths and abilities are, and how to use them to spice up your love life more than you ever thought possible! (Look at the section revealing Your Sexuality Card)

Why satisfying this one desire you have will instantly give you greater awareness of how to choose a partner...

What your spiritual dealbreakers are and, how to enjoy deeper security and commitment in your love life!

You’ll no longer waste time and energy with people who are not fulfilling you! (Look at the section revealing Your Commitment Card)

What your romantic partners (and even strangers) really think of you!

Most people come across to others in a very different way than what they think they do.

Discover the impression you really make… and… how to make it the impression you want them to see! (Look at the section revealing Your Name Numerology)

Astonishing details about your mental and “psychic” gifts!

Discover how you communicate and express love, so you can lean into your strengths and truly be understood by others!  (Look at the section revealing Your Intelligence Card)

How to quickly receive karmic messages when any of your Destiny Cards show up in your readings! First, you’ll discover exactly what these messages mean for you (and only you) personally...

Then, I’ll show you how to quickly decode these messages using the ancient symbolic language thats already in your subconscious mind! (Look at the section revealing Your Mental Card)

🔮 Why you might not know about the MOST attractive trait you have! (Look at the section revealing Your Personality Card)

🔮 What kind of partner is best for you and how to effortlessly attract more love into your life! (Look at the section revealing Your Soul Urge Number)

 🔮 What your erotic talents, strengths and abilities are, and how to use them to spice up your love life more than you ever thought possible! (Look at the section revealing Your Sexuality Card)

🔮 Why satisfying this one desire you have will instantly give you greater awareness of how to choose a partner, and...

What your spiritual dealbreakers are and, how to enjoy deeper security and commitment in your love life!

You’ll no longer waste time and energy with people who are not fulfilling you! (Look at the section revealing Your Commitment Card)

🔮 What your romantic partners (and even strangers) really think of you!

Most people come across to others in a very different way than what they think they do.

Discover the impression you really make… and… how to make it the impression you want them to see! (Look at the section revealing Your Name Numerology)

🔮 Astonishing details about your mental and “psychic” gifts!

Discover how you communicate and express love, so you can lean into your strengths and truly be understood by others!  (Look at the section revealing Your Intelligence Card)

🔮 How to quickly receive karmic messages when any of your Destiny Cards show up in your readings! First, you’ll discover exactly what these messages mean for you (and only you) personally...

Then, I’ll show you how to quickly decode these messages using the ancient symbolic language thats already in your subconscious mind! (Look at the section revealing Your Mental Card)


Control Your Romantic Future With This Map Of Your Destiny!

[NAME], you’ll receive a card-by-card breakdown of each area in your love life and how it seems destined to unfold!

Finally, you’ll see in advance where your relationships are heading. 

You’ll find it shocking and almost-scary how accurate your Cosmic Love Blueprint is the first time you read it!

You'll unlock urgent and hidden messages from the Universe about your Romantic Destiny and gain a complete and total advantage in love!

This means no more stressing out over things that never mattered to your destiny!

And that’s not all!

You’ll be able to spot and seize romantic opportunities you'd otherwise miss! 

By knowing what card to look for... and what it's secretly trying to tell you ahead of time...

You'll tap into a wellspring of personalized card meanings that you'll wish you had since Day 1!

And imagine... no more “hopeless romance” because now you’ll be in the driver’s seat!

When you know what the Universe has in store for you, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Plus, you’ll discover the number one thing blocking you from having the relationship you really want! What’s holding you back and what you must do to remove them! But that’s not all....

There are also Minor Arcana “Decan” Cards you must know about!

If they show up during your next Tarot reading, you’ll want to read about them immediately! (Look at the bottom of each section examining your Deeper Insights)

[NAME], if you have any part of your love life that has you feeling unsure, confused or anything short of incredible…

If you have any wonders, fears, or concerns about someone you’re with, or want to be with…

If you have any anxiety about where you’ll be in 1, 3 or 10 years from now…

Or even if you just really wish to meet your Soulmate and fall madly in love… 

Your answers are here waiting for you!

And finally…

Experience The Peace Of Knowing (100%) What Your Romantic Journey Has Waiting For You!

Discover (without question) if the romantic path you’re on… and the future you’re creating… is right  for you… or the wrong one!

Never stress over making the right move, the wrong move, or if someone is right for you or not! 

Now you’ll know! And you can relax because you’ll have an easy-to-read map!

Here are even more things this reading will do for you:

  • Discover the eye-opening truth of what your Love Path really has waiting for you (and how to know if you’re on the right path to have it!)
  • Love without fear as you rediscover… deep inside… what’s most important to your soul… and … the easiest way to manifest it!
  • Unlock the most irresistible part of your personality that you must embrace to be abundant in love and achieve lasting happiness!
  • Boost your intuition! Discover the untapped powers inside you and how to use them to improve your relationships!
  • Reveal, embrace, and master romantic talents you didn’t know you have!
  • Discover how to create loving, everlasting and fulfilling relationships by your design!
  • Enjoy sex more than ever before as you uncover your deepest desires, secret wants, inner needs and yearnings! (And how to satisfy them!)
  • Conquer your insecurities instead of being ruled by them! You’ll discover a lot about your inner sensitivities and how to work with them instead of against them!
  • Have more pleasurable relationships! You’ll reveal what’s missing in your connections and how to fulfill them in a positive way!
  • Improve your luck in love! Watch your good fortune skyrocket as romantic opportunities start showing up more often, once you know how to trigger it!
  • Finally uncover your true Soul’s Desire and motivation in love! (No longer waste time doing the wrong things!)
  • Discover the secrets of your libido! You’ll be nodding your head saying “oh wow!” and “aha!” and “that explains everything” as you read these deeply personal traits about your true intimate nature!
  • Learn a simple, quick way to maximize your everyday Tarot readings!
  • And so much more...

The Secret That Makes All Of This Possible

[NAME], I’m really only scratching the surface here. 

In just a moment, I’m going to show you even more exciting ways you’ll directly improve your love life with my reading. 

Yet before we continue, I have to share a secret with you.

Tarot is an ancient and powerful science. It has been studied, practiced, and improved for over 5,000 years by some of the wisest psychics and scholars in history.

(Note: Carl Jung was just one of the first famous psychologists to practice the craft!)

And because of several recent advancements in computer technology, calculations can now be done for you that were impossible before!

This is crucial, because it’s the basis of my biggest secret to having given over 1,000,000 online tarot readings over the past few years!

You see, aside from devoting over 20 years of my life to the study of Tarot, what most people never learn about me is… 

I used to be a relationship coach AND build websites!

What does this mean? Let me tell you. 

Relationship dynamics are the backbone of love Tarot. 

By understanding relationship dynamics... along with a lifetime hobby of computer programming...

I was able to create my largest, top-secret asset: a proprietary computer algorithm (that no one else in the world has access to)...

… that quickly does the complex calculations needed to discover your Romantic Destiny Card (and the 11 other Destiny Cards I haven’t told you about yet) using this secret Tarot technique!

There is only one copy of this algorithm in the world, and it’s on an encrypted cloud server.

It’s programmed reveal very detailed information about anyone with just their name and birthday.

It also works at an instant speed… doing in seconds what would take me hours to do by hand (the only reason I can deliver your reading in minutes, rather than days.)

That’s why I’m 100% convinced this reading is…

The Most Personal, Accurate And Deeply-Revealing Love Tarot Reading In The World!

It's called...

Your Cosmic Love Blueprint

How To Have The Most Romantic Life Possible If You Were Born On [bdaymonth] [bdayday], [bdayyear]!

You’ll gain instant access to my safe and secure members area and confirm that your birthday is  [bdaymonth], [bdayday], [bdayyear]...

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Why? Because I've already prepared it for you!

Right now, your Cosmic Love Blueprint is sitting there inside your members area waiting for you!

Inside you'll discover 12 distinct, karmic, and highly-personalized Tarot card readings that reveal romantic secrets about YOU (and only you) that will put you directly on track with your Romantic Destiny.

And it’s so easy to use! You can read your Cosmic Love Blueprint on your smartphone, tablet or computer… or… you can download it as a PDF and print it out if you prefer!

You’ll be stunned as you read all about your Romantic Destiny outlined in chilling detail.

People message me almost every day cheering about their amazement at the accuracy of this reading…

And even more important… the cascade of positive changes in their life since receiving their Cosmic Love Blueprint from me.

Here’s What Others Say About My Readings:

“Thoughtful, inspiring and thorough.”

Having studied astrology and tarot for over 30 years I found this reading to be thoughtful, inspiring and thorough. I recommend it for delving more deeply into the self for reflection.
- Lorien Lehmer

“Timeless archetypal magic!”

Readings like this one are so magical and helpful in bringing focus in to deepen intention with things like love and relationships. I appreciated the encouraging nature and tone of it, it felt very cozy reading it. I have been a daily researcher and experiencer of astrology for many years and I love the tarot.

This reading went deeper into the link between the tarot and my own birth chart, which was unusual, and my self knowledge deepened. That was my favorite part. Especially because I pull those particular tarot cards all the time! Timeless archetypal magic! I highly recommend.
- Sabine Silver

“I feel so new, seen and honored.”

Synchronicity after synchronicity in the livelihood around me followed me through my reading, offering more signs in the divine alignment of it all, while I simultaneously experienced several “Aha!” moments where all clicked and came together for me.

I feel so new, seen and honored as I journey gracefully onwards into this amazing new year ahead with newfound clarity, strength and an overflowing sense of trust and love.
-Shira Newmark

“Such a clear, obvious path forward.”

Wow. Just wow. Everything in this report is so beautifully written and spot on. I read it twice and know I will read it many more times.

Having such a clear reflection of my soul's patterns and deepest longings gives me such a clear, obvious path forward on my romantic journey. What a gift!!

Thank you for giving me a little extra wind in my sails and a wonderful comprehensive tool to carefully observe and flow in relationships.
-Stephanie Mckeen

“I was brought to tears”

I was brought to tears with the HONESTY and TRUTH this reading revealed many realizations/thoughts learned over many years coming into awareness.

I feel validated as a conscious human and participant in the world! I am looking forward to the future consciousness and personal growth this knowledge will bring!

I will read this information again and again. I am grateful!
-Karin Ingrid Hansen

“It’s one of the most accurate readings I’ve had”

It’s one of the most accurate readings I’ve had. Very well done and in-depth too, articulating actual examples of how relationships have shown up in my life. It’s a great blueprint for anyone that wants to know themselves or their lover better.
-Christian Allbert

“I was quite surprised at the accuracy.”

I was quite surprised at the accuracy of the Cosmic Love Blueprint.

When it revealed my Karmic Love lessons to be learned it just reaffirmed how I have been in relationships and what I am here to heal and learn. 

Overall, I was very pleased and learned some valuable insight about my past relationships but most of all my relationship to myself.
-Jennifer Savino

“A plethora of interesting information.”

I found my Cosmic Love Blueprint to contain a plethora of interesting information. There was helpful advice about romantic relationships and what to look for in these relationships. This advice was specifically tailored to my birthdate. The Reading also had a lot of information explaining Astrology and Tarot and it was entertaining to read.
-Kimberly F.

And since the Tarot Master was a retired Psychologist… I even had a practicing Psychologist read and use his Cosmic Love Blueprint with his wife with astonishing results!

“I’m grateful to have this powerful tool!”

-John Huang, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

My reading is fantastic!

It is rich with so much helpful information. I especially appreciate the way it integrates astrology, numerology, and tarot. It enhances not only my self-understanding, but reviewing my partner’s reading helped me understand her even more.

The descriptions are very detailed and worth reading over multiple times.

I get more and more out of them each time. It encourages me to let go of my unhealthy patterns – which it helps me to identify and to live courageously.

It is helping my partner and I to be on the same page and also watch out for any unhelpful patterns between us.

The reading highlights some things I knew about my partner and me while also shining a light on some things I didn't know. I am grateful to have this powerful tool!

-John Huang, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

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How To Stop The Zodiac From Giving You Trouble In Your Love Life!

With The Romance Roadmap by Kelli Fox

We’ve all heard stories about someone dating the “wrong sign” - friction, disappointment, or just plain bad vibes is usually the result of Zodiac signs that never get along.

Astrologers have known the truth about the relationships between signs for thousands of years.

They know that some signs have instant harmony while others are forever at war. 

Sometimes the effect is harmless, sometimes even fun! 

But then… there are those relationships which you need to be warned about or you may suddenly find yourself deep in the middle of a situation you do NOT want to be in…or… involved with someone that should have been avoided! I’m talking about drama, sometimes major drama.

That’s where the Romance Roadmap comes in. This “Zodiac Relationship” report details the connection between each of the 12 signs and will help guide you safely through the jungle of all 144 relationship dynamics inside the Zodiac!

You’ll find out how to “outsmart” the stars and what you should do in your current relationships - whether romantic or platonic or professional - to make sure they are smooth sailing and where you want them to be!

World renowned Astrology Expert, Teacher and Classically Trained Astrologer Kelli Fox will walk you through each relationship in great detail, step by step.

And once you read this report, you’ll be equipped with all the tools you need to avoid the storm and glide smoothly through even the loneliest times!


How To Be A Love Reading Master And Have People Singing Your Praises!

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Have you ever thought about giving someone a Tarot Reading before?

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The Lazy Person’s Secret To Manifesting True Love While You Sleep!

With The Frequency of Desire by Daryl Hill

Did you know that we are all made of energy? 

You may have experienced this as someone’s “vibe” - because their vibration is the frequency you can feel! 

And sometimes, especially when you're worried about your future, your own vibration can slip… drifting lower and lower without you even realizing it!

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